Dear Entrepreneur: Every startup switch matters


As with many things in life, building a strong foundation is crucial to the survival of your business.

In your quest to build, don’t make the mistake of laying poor foundations.

Don’t be too caught up in building a cool product while neglecting other facets crucial to running a successful startup.

Market development, management team, team culture, and makeup, organizational and operational systems, and other “seemingly” mundane facets of a startup, while some might consider them too early a subject for startups to be concerned with are nonetheless critical to the success of your startup. Build the foundations for them at least.

Building a startup is like flying an airplane with an array of buttons and control switches on the cockpit with every one of those controls equally important and critical.

Just as a pilot cannot afford to learn about select controls and ignore the usefulness of the rest, so is an entrepreneur not allowed to get caught up with focusing on just the product, as doing so will be laying the foundations for the failure of his/her startup.

While developing your product, be deliberate about building a competent team, developing your market, setting up systems that would power your startup for the marathon. Understand where your strength lies and make up for your shortcomings and business needs with the right team set. Don’t try to do it all and don’t think you know it all.

Keep learning, keep building!

Management Consultant, Sustainability Analyst, Fledgling Startupper building d next decade of sustainable African startups. I write about startups & lifestyle.