A solemn call to African Entrepreneurs as I take time to reflect on my journey so far building an ESG consultancy.

Dear Entrepreneur,

It is time we start building our ventures sustainably.

We need to move from the business-as-usual perspective (one that considers only the economic benefit) to a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable approach (businesses with strong economic, environmental, and social impact foundations).

I am committed to building the next decade of sustainable ventures, sustainable product and service offerings and to ensure our thriving businesses and institutions continue to deliver unique value today while guaranteeing their ability to keep…

The journey to building a successful business is daunted with different challenges that require a solid business structure to help navigate and ensure it makes it through each developmental stage. One way businesses try to accomplish this is by setting up the appropriate organizational structure.

Organizational structure is the way in which tasks are divided, grouped, and coordinated and a huge part of a startup’s success at each stage depends on the degree to which appropriate structures have been established.

To design an effective organizational structure, founders should consider the impact of their structure on these three major levels;
1. The…

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Avoid the urge to be defensive of your idea when pitching to investors.

This is something I have observed with most first-time founders too passionate about their idea they fail to realize and acknowledge the uniqueness of the other person in the room.

When pitching to potential investors as a first-time founder, don’t be too fixated on the objective of raising money from that investor. Understand that the investor will be accessing your business from a different lens than you may be blind to. Seek to understand what that is.

Focus on the questions they ask and if…


As with many things in life, building a strong foundation is crucial to the survival of your business.

In your quest to build, don’t make the mistake of laying poor foundations.

Don’t be too caught up in building a cool product while neglecting other facets crucial to running a successful startup.

Market development, management team, team culture, and makeup, organizational and operational systems, and other “seemingly” mundane facets of a startup, while some might consider them too early a subject for startups to be concerned with are nonetheless critical to the success of your startup. …

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Real growth is not planned growth. We grow best when we deliberately throw ourselves into situations that stretch us to grow.

Humans are sophisticated beings made from a supernatural element, but in it’s fallen state underutilized. This supernatural factor has made him yearning for more, the very essence of growth.

Humans are an agent of transformation and therefore seeks to bring change to their surroundings. This is seen when people tell you tales of the ideas stuck in them. Some realized and some which they can’t seem to find the momentum to execute.

Conditioning the mind to see pain and discomfort as growth pains give it the juice to rise up to a new threshold of advancement.

With growth comes challenges, disguised in the form of pain, pressure, and discomfort. Victory can only be assured if you’ve developed your threshold for risks.

Keep growing!

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The pursuit of Knowledge has always been paramount for me!

I hold the idea that continuous and deliberate addition of value to oneself is a sure way to advance society towards a progressive path and YOU CAN BE ANYTHING if you possess the learning mindset.

This ideology has shaped my choices in life — the kind of people I surround myself with, the kind of challenges to take on, in fact, if there’s no opportunity to challenge myself or become a better version of myself, I ain’t game.

I am learning every day! From life, from circumstances and situations, from…

Entrepreneurship is not all beautiful and rosy as most people think. Some want to be entrepreneurs because of the “freedom” — the liberty of answering to no one, or as an opportunity to make more money. But are entrepreneurs really free?

It takes a lot of discipline, perseverance, sacrifice, months, and years of being the only believer of your dreams and aspirations, and could take a long time before you start making real money.

So before you decide to try being one, take your time to know your WHY. Don’t start a business just because you want to be called…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In the field of management consultancy, strategy for me is one of the most challenging and vital facets of consulting. Not only because of the importance of its effect on the individual or organization but also because of its “not so obvious” potential to contribute to the growth of an organization's human capital development.

In traditional strategy consultancy, the emphasis is typically tailored for short-term direct outcomes — “hitting the clients immediate objective” while any worthwhile long-term opportunity is swept under the rug.

In addition to helping the client accomplish its short-term objective of reaching a shared understanding of the…

Henry Ukoha

Management Consultant, Sustainability Analyst, Fledgling Startupper building d next decade of sustainable African startups. I write about startups & lifestyle.

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